Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tech Riddles of a Bridge Troll

I've been pretty busy this morning taking care of some student loan stuff and some other errands but I wanted to post something short. In my new Geekus Maximus novella, I included three new tech riddles brought to the book by Borg, Org's brother, who is seeking vengeance on Robert for the death of his brother. I'll post the three tech riddles here before I post them on my author page and Facebook. These are all original riddles made up by me, so hopefully you'll excuse them if they aren't all that good. Here they are (if you think you have the answers, post them in the comment section below):

Riddle number one. When I’m not hooked up you can’t see what you do. My cable ends both can screw and unscrew. What am I?

Riddle number two. I use random letters to determine my speed. I start in the center and branch out like a weed. What am I?

Riddle number three. I don’t move; I don’t speak, but I get the job done. When it comes to my kind, I’m the fastest to run. What am I?

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