Friday, August 15, 2014

2014 Book Sales (so far) Closing in on 2013 Final Numbers

I have to keep this brief because I'm going to Salt Lake early today to get my law school books (or at least as many of them as I can get.) July e-book numbers came through for Amazon yesterday so I was able to update my book sales numbers. I have final numbers on e-books (including Apple, B&N, Kobo, and Scribd) through July, paperbacks through July, and audio books through June (those tend to lag a little behind the other numbers updates.) All of those added up puts me at 341 book sales, which puts me only 31 sales away from matching last year's total of 372. I should be able to break that by the end of this month which means 500 sales for 2014 is a real possibility, but I'll beat last year's total for sure. Here are the top ten books that got me to this point in 2014 (and they're all linked to Amazon, so if any of them look interesting it would really help me out if you spend a few dollars and get one you don't have yet):

Horror Stories From A Computer Tech
53 sales (10 e-book, 43 audio book)

Traveling the U.S.: East Coast History
36 sales (32 e-book, 1 borrow, 3 paperback)

Jehovah and Hades: Books 1-3
35 sales (33 e-book, 2 borrows)

Constantine: The Emperor of Tolerance
29 sales (15 e-book, 4 borrows, 4 audio book, 6 paperback)

Geek of Legend: The Elvish Screwdriver
29 sales (7 e-book, 1 borrow, 21 audio book)

Explanations and Advice for the Tech Illiterate
23 sales (13 e-book, 7 audio book, 3 paperback)

The Mormon Theocracy
19 sales (13 e-book, 4 audio book, 2 paperback)

Caribbean Piracy: Pirates and Privateers
17 sales (6 e-book, 2 borrows, 8 audio book, 1 paperback)

Minor Demons
16 sales (15 e-book, 1 paperback)

Luther Standing Bear: Assimilation
12 sales (7 e-book, 1 audio book, 4 paperback)

Thanks once again to anyone who has purchased or reviewed any of these for me. The small amount I make from selling books is about to become a lot more important as I take on massive debt to go to law school and drop my work hours to part time.

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