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The devil made a big mistake. Years ago, he branded Shadow's father Abaddon a traitor, guilty of conspiring with the angels and currently tortures him in the lowest circle of Hell. The demon Shadow vows to rescue his father, but has always wondered if the rumors were true. After all, his father did give him Michael the Archangel's short blade before he was dragged off by the devil's army.
Leech has always been picked on and bullied by the other demons. His father is a lowly minor demon in General Cain's armies and has little hope of advancing. Despite his small size, Leech knows he was meant for great things and refuses to let larger demons get in the way of his ambition and hunger for power.
Denied a life of ease and luxury, Lilith trained herself to fight with a single goal in mind: killing her mother. Lilith was raised by the minor demon, Panic, despite the general consensus that she was actually the daughter of the major demon of lust, Vixen. Vixen refuses to acknowledge her and Lilith plans on making her pay for it.
Follow Shadow, Leech, and Lilith on their journey to become minor demons.

The war between the six major demons rages on. Before they can attempt to save Shadow's father, Shadow, Leech, and Lilith must change the course of the battle and fight powerful demons and nephilim. Join Shadow, Leech, and Lilith as they acquire new powers, new allies, and new enemies. Middle Demons incorporates elements from the Bible, Dante's Inferno, mythology, and angelology / demonology into compelling dystopian fiction.

Shadow, Leech, and Lilith join forces with the angels to take on the growing nephilim threat on Earth. Shadow's father, Abaddon, continues to corrupt and destroy the world that both the angels and demons rely on. Changing circumstances reveal that the angels may not be the allies that Shadow had hoped they were and the nephilim may not be their enemies.

Bumalin is a demon-in-training with a pretty good memory and a knack for manipulating those around him. With a tendency to break the rules, Bumalin quickly finds himself with strange new powers and is threatened by other demons and a new, growing threat: the nephilim. This Angels and Demons prequel follows Bumalin before he aided Shadow, Leech, and Lilith.

Leech and other nephilim found the city of Necropolis and raise a new generation of powerful nephilim. Leech reigns as king of the nephilim and establishes a nephilim council that judges and governs. Both the angels and the demons want to put an end to the growing nephilim threat, while Leech remains focused on finding and saving Shadow. Can Shadow's son and Leech's daughter keep back the encroaching hordes of Heaven and Hell?


Many historians in the past have seen Constantine as a secret pagan who used Christianity as a political device or a God-sent Emperor who converted a whole nation to Christianity. Since Constantine's personal beliefs allowed for both paganism and Christianity, he created an Empire of tolerance or a religiously neutral realm (as far as what you wanted to believe). The model set up by Constantine was successfully continued and utilized to keep the Empire together with the notable exceptions of Julian (who tried to move the Empire back to paganism) and Theodosius (who allowed Christians to harass pagans, outlawed many elements of paganism, and eventually had to fight the pagans on the field of battle).

The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries saw the emergence of a new threat to government and organized society. Privateers and pirates raided along the coast of powerful countries and were, at times, at war with England, France, and Spain. They developed their own system of rules, a code of morality, and a very rough form of government. Pirates were eventually able to organize behind a captain who eventually would become like a governor with judicial power over all the pirates and control over settlements taken by the pirates in raids.

This article explores one of the great Indian's of our time who successfully used the skills he learned at Carlisle to fight for the Indian way of life. His actions and arguments were ultimately responsible for the Indian New Deal and had a very heavy influence on the United States at the time.

This article explores the idea that L'Anse aux Meadows could be the gateway to the Viking Vinland settlement mentioned in the Scandinavian sagas and possibly founded by Leif Ericson. L'Anse aux Meadows is still the only widely accepted evidence of pre-Columbian contact with North America.

The use of intercessory beings in prayer hasn’t always been the normal accepted practice. As Christianity and paganism began to merge under the rule of the Byzantine Empire, many elements that existed within paganism were “Christianized” and adapted for use by the Church. This article will trace a possible origin for the use of intercessory beings in Christian prayer and will use evidence from the scriptures and non-canonical Christian books to weigh the use of intercessory beings against prayer directed specifically to God. Sources include the Book of Tobit, the story of Joseph and Aseneth, the Book of Daniel, the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus, and the appearances of the Archangel Gabriel in the New Testament.

This is a brief article that explores the early state of affairs when the Latter-Day Saints (or Mormons) arrived in Utah. The government operated as a theocracy with Brigham Young, the Prophet, acting as the governor. Trace elements of a theocracy linger in the church's structure to this day. The second brief article compares the thoughts and ideas of Gregory Palamas (Eastern Orthodox monk and later an Archbishop) on the subject of God with that of other philosophers. It compares and contrasts the relative strengths and weaknesses of each perspective. Palamas was a monk (and later an Archbishop) in the Eastern Orthodox church.


This series of explanations and articles breaks down some commonly misunderstood elements of computers and home theater. Explanations are given in a basic, understandable way (without sounding too "techy.") Topics include: basic computer types, basic home theater (video), basic home theater (audio), audio / video cables, computer viruses, e-mail security, understanding encryption & passwords, backing up your hard drive, and computer speed / startup items.

This series of explanations and articles breaks down some commonly misunderstood elements of computers and home theater. Explanations are given in a basic, understandable way (without sounding too "techy.") Topics include: what to look for when buying a new computer, things to remember when you upgrade your computer, understanding operating systems, a general technology rule called "the weakest link," understanding wireless and networks, streaming and streaming devices, ultra HD and 4K TV, and internet browsers.

This series of explanations and articles breaks down some commonly misunderstood elements of computers and home theater. Explanations are given in a basic, understandable way (without sounding too "techy.") Topics include: digital camera basics, surge protectors and clean power filters, wireless charging and solar power, smart watches, self-driving and electric cars, smart home and home automation, and a couple of articles with general technology advice.

This collection includes all three volumes in the Explanations and Advice for the Tech Illiterate series for a reduced price.


This photo-based tour includes over 115 pictures from historical locations from several countries in the Caribbean with short background histories. Featured locations include: the Puerto Rico Capitol, Castillo San Cristóbal, Castillo San Felipe del Morro, El Yunque National Forest, statues and pictures from around St. Maarten, Bloody River massacre site (St. Kitts), the remains of a sugar plantation (St. Kitts), Betty's Hope plantation and windmills (Antigua), Nelson's Dockyard (Antigua), Fort James (Antigua), St. John's Cathedral (Antigua), the Devil's Bridge (Antigua), a governor's mansion (St. Lucia), a banana plantation (St. Lucia), a shipwreck (Barbados), and coral and fish as seen from a submarine (Barbados).

This photo-based tour includes over 125 pictures from historical locations on the east coast of the United States with short background histories. Featured locations include: the Capitol, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, Arlington National Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Monticello, Jamestown (with excavation photos), Gettysburg, Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Memorial, and more.

This photo-based tour of Tokyo, Taipei, and Hong Kong includes over 90 pictures from several tourist sites and historic locations. A brief history or small amount of information is given before each group of pictures. Photos are included of the following sites: Tokyo: Temple of the 47 Ronin, both Tokyo towers, a Shinto temple, a Buddhist temple, shots from around Tokyo Hong Kong: the Men Mo temple, the fishing village, major corporate buildings, shots from around Hong Kong Taipei: Taipei 101 (2nd tallest building in the world), shots of Taipei while at one of the Taipei night markets

This photo based tour of the Philippines includes a mini-guide to animals, food, shopping, and scenic shots from around the Philippines and tourist locations (such as the Banaue rice terraces.) This mini-guide won't cover Manila and mainly focuses on the north (Baguio, La Union, and Pangasinan.) I've included a few Tagalog words (with their English equivalents) and over 75 photos with brief descriptions.

This photo-based tour includes over 85 photos from the following San Diego locations: the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Sea World, Cabrillo National Monument, Old Point Loma Lighthouse, and the USS Midway.

This photo-based tour of Utah includes over 60 pictures from the following historic locations: Salt Lake temple, Utah State Capitol, the Beehive House, the Lion House, Temple Square, several important LDS buildings, a railroad town (Echo, UT), and Park City (with the Utah Olympic Park.)

This photo-based tour of Hawaii includes over 60 pictures from the following sites: Sea Life Park (Oahu), USS Arizona Memorial (Pearl Harbor), Hanauma Bay (Oahu), the Polynesian Cultural Center (Laie), and a nature hike (Oahu).