Saturday, November 8, 2014

Book Sales Breakdown: First 1000 Sales

I love it when numbers work out nicely. I sold my 1,000th book on the last day of September 2014, so it made figuring out totals a lot easier for me. I figured I would do a short breakdown of the sales numbers including the Top 5 books that got me there. I'm going to try to take a while to put all of the info together because I really don't feel like starting on my homework yet.

My first 1000 book sales consisted of 687 e-books, 253 audio books, and 50 paperbacks. It's interesting the way book sales work in 2014. Go back a decade and e-books weren't even a thing. Here's a pie chart because pie sounds really good right now:

So around 2/3 of my first 1000 sales were e-books, around 1/4 were audio books, and around 1/20 were paperbacks. Most of the paperbacks were actually sold this year. I sold 1 paperback my first year and 11 my second year. As of right now, in just 2014, I've sold 48 paperbacks and that's not including the ones I bought and then gave away to people.

As for my best sellers, I have one book that has sold over 200 copies and two that have sold over 100. Here's the breakdown of my Top 5 Bestsellers:

Constantine: The Emperor of Tolerance
203 copies sold as of 9/30/2014

Caribbean Piracy: Pirates and Privateers
111 copies sold as of 9/30/2014

Horror Stories from a Computer Tech
103 copies sold as of 9/30/2014

Explanations and Advice for the Tech Illiterate
87 copies sold as of 9/30/2014

Jehovah and Hades: Books 1-3
56 copies sold as of 9/30/2014

The book covers above are linked to the ebook version on Amazon. The Top 4 have gained a considerable boost because of the audio books they have sold. Jehovah and Hades: Books 1-3 has made it to 56 on nothing but e-book sales (also this is just the three book collection version. If I included individual sales of each title plus the collection, it would be over 100). The somewhat interesting thing is that three of these titles still have no reviews on Amazon. Horror Stories From A Computer Tech has 18 reviews and Explanations and Advice For The Tech Illiterate has 9 reviews, but the other three have none.

As of now, the most books I've sold in a single month is 70 (and that was October 2014 so those numbers are not included in my first 1000 sales). October broke down to 43 e-books, 17 audio books, and 10 paperbacks. It's really nice to be able to have a little extra side income while I'm in law school and working a part-time IT job. So to everyone who has purchased one of my books, left a nice review on one of my books, or shared one of my books with a friend... thank you! Writing fiction and non-fiction has been a very entertaining hobby and I still continue to write when I get small amounts of time in between homework and other things that are currently draining my life.