Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Crazy Busy Preparing for Law School

I don't really have time to talk about anything cool or important today. No history, no technology. My schedule posted for law school with my book list. I can also get a parking pass now (which I'll need), register for the law library, and get my university ID. Just when I knock everything off my to-do list, there's a new list to start on.

My laptop for law school should come in on Wednesday. The laptop had all the specs I wanted but it had a regular 500 GB hard drive. I ordered a Samsung 250 GB SSD and I'm going to image that and put it in the laptop. Now that I've had a SSD for a while... I just can't go back to regular hard drives.

I'm going to miss having the chance to write fiction. I'm going to miss having free time in the mornings. I'm going to miss fishing. Here's a picture of the two channel catfish we caught the last time we went fishing:

They were about 3 lbs each. We also caught over 60 white bass. I'm pretty well stocked up with fish right now. Even though things are going to get harder, I'm excited for law school. The pre-orientation week homework has been an enjoyable read. It's a case study of a dispute over a Claude Monet painting and all of the laws involved with having a plaintiff in Germany and a defendant in New York.

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog. I'm going to try to find time to still post a couple of times a month and I hope you've enjoyed the blog posts every weekday last week. I still plan on doing some more this week. I just don't have time to blog much today.

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