Thursday, April 5, 2012

An Update on my Writing

So some of you have been wondering when the prequel to Jehovah and Hades is going to be up on Amazon. Let me start off by saying that I want to complete that book and get it published as soon as I can. I've been distracted from it by work and writing a 25 page senior thesis to finish up my history degree. I just recently finished writing 25 pages on Constantine and the model he established for the Byzantine Empire by allowing for religious toleration (and the two notable emperors, Julian and Theodosius, who diverted from his model which led to war in both cases.) I might be publishing my paper on Constantine on the Kindle as well.

As far as The Journals of Jacob and Hyde goes, I recently got some time to sit down and work on it a little bit. I currently have the introduction complete and the first two and a half chapters. It's just over 6,000 words so far. I still have a ways to go but I think this will be a better story than Jehovah and Hades. I've handed out the intro with the first chapter to a few authors I know and the feedback has been unanimous that it's a great start. I have the introduction posted here. Give it a quick read. I hope to have the book complete some time in May. I also plan on posting another "Evolution of the Cover" right before I release it. One cool thing about this cover is that my cover artist actually used my eyes from one of my photos that I sent her as the eyes for Jacob on the cover (but she turned them red). For now, I'll post the photo of me and you can compare it to the cover photo when I post the "Evolution of the Cover."

So that's how Jacob's eyes appear... only mine are brown/green and his will be red on the cover. Thanks everyone who has purchased Jehovah and Hades for the Kindle or in paperback. I really appreciate the support.

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