Friday, April 20, 2012

Constantine: The Emperor of Tolerance

So I finished my last paper for my history degree. I also added some sections that weren't incredibly relevant (but they were interesting) and then I published my paper, Constantine: The Emperor of Tolerance, on Amazon. It's available now for the Kindle and I started things off with a free promo for 4/20-4/21. It's currently #1 in Free Books under History > Ancient > Rome and also under History > Ancient. It's #2 in Free under Christianity > Church History. It's only 25 pages so it's a quick read and I think everyone will learn something from it. Maybe not something relevant to their lives or some great truth... but hopefully something interesting.

I made the cover myself. Once it's off the free promo, it will only be $0.99 and I really like the cover I made. Here's what it looks like:

Constantine: The Emperor of Tolerance

Feel free to grab a free copy here. It will cost $0.99 after Saturday. I'm still working on Jacob and Hyde but getting this ready for the Kindle was a fun process since this paper took a long time to research and write. I've already given away more free copies of this article on Constantine in one day than Jehovah and Hades gave away in three during its free promo. To be fair... I know what I'm doing and how to promote a lot better now. :-P

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