Friday, March 16, 2012

Echo School and Church 1876

I had a job routed to me way out in Echo, Utah today. It was a really long drive but the scenery was nice. Once I got there and finished the job, I saw an old church at the end of the road and I had to go check it out and take a couple pictures. Turns out it's on the National Register of Historic Places. It was built during the railroad era and now almost no one lives in Echo. I just wanted to throw the two pictures I took on here and type up what the Utah Historic Plaque says. I've always been interested in railroad towns and at least Echo hasn't been completely abandoned. There are still a few houses around the church and graveyard and they have a few shops and a diner.
Echo, UT

Echo, UT

The plaque reads:
This Victorian Gothic building stands as the remaining historic edifice of "Echo City," one of many boom towns built along the Transcontinental Railroad. In 1876, the Echo City School District constructed the building with English immigrant John Shill reportedly designing and supervising the construction. Most of the materials are local: red pine lumber from Saw Mill in Echo Canyon, sandstone from a quarry in Grass Creek, brick from clay in the Echo hills. The bell arrived by rail. Protestants began using the building for evangelical purposes in 1882, and for a few years even provided the weekday school classes. The LDS Church began worshiping here in 1905 and purchased the building in 1914 after Echo built a new school house. In 1940 major remodeling occurred, including a concrete basement and stairway. People of all denominations helped. The building became idle in 1963 as a result of Echo's decline in population. A local LDS Young Adult group used the building in the 1970's. In 1983 ECHO, a non-profit corporation dedicated to preserving the site, purchased the building to continue its use as a community center. Marker placed in 1989."

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  1. Greg and I (Terry) also love exploring old historical sites as we search for Utah roads that we haven't traveled on before. Thanks for sharing. We'll have to stop by Echo one of these days.