Thursday, June 27, 2013

An Update on my Life

So there's a few things I wanted to cover here and I think that it would be a little long for a Facebook post. I'll dive right into it.

For the last... I don't even really remember how long... almost a year? I've been either commuting to American Fork or Ogden (specifically Riverdale) for work. It has sucked. I still live in West Jordan so it's either 45 minutes to American Fork or just under an hour to Riverdale (assuming I don't hit any traffic.) In addition to that, I only got to work one day a week as a PC agent in American Fork and two days a week as a PC Double Agent in Riverdale (I transferred to Riverdale for the promotion and then hoped to transfer back into the Salt Lake area at some point. It became clear after six months in Riverdale that my boss wasn't going to let me transfer because I did a really good job attaching service money in Riverdale, customers liked me, and he didn't have a backup plan for me up there.)

When I wasn't doing PC work, I was working as a home theater assistant to a Home Theater Double Agent. It was occasionally interesting... but it usually just bored the living hell out of me. The other problem I ran into was my car. I still drive a 1999 Z28 camaro. Horrible gas mileage and... it's just old. The brakes are shot and it has several other major problems that will require the attention of a auto repair team very soon.

I realized that my car was going to cost me a lot to fix, I was tired of commuting an hour each way to work, I was sick of doing home theater instead of PC jobs... and I decided to make some changes. I started looking for a new job and called in some favors to several of my friends. The great thing is that I still had friends that were willing to help me out. I had several job offers (or tentative offers) within about a month. So I finally decided before my two week east coast history vacation that I was going to quit Best Buy and the Geek Squad after six and a half years.

I have a new job as an IT hardware specialist at ARUP Laboratories in Salt Lake (basically it's right on the University of Utah's campus.) Comparable pay, my medical insurance costs went WAY down since I'm working for a medical lab, and I don't pay Social Security anymore because it's a government contracted facility. Plus my commute time is cut in half. I know I'm going to miss the Geek Squad a little, but I'm excited to start at my new job (which means I'm back to working on computers five days a week... which is pretty awesome.)

I've also put law school on hold for another year. I had a great GPA from BYU and decent LSAT scores and I'm pretty sure I could have gotten in to BYU or the U of U's law school but I pulled my application from both places before they made a decision. My car is going to drain almost all of the money I saved. I may take the LSATs again before applying next year, but only so that I can study this time, get a higher score, and take a shot at a scholarship. I'm not worried about getting in.

To those of you who looked into finding me a job, thanks a ton. I'm glad I still have good friends. To those of you that I've worked with for almost seven years at Best Buy... good luck to you. I don't wish any harm to the company... it just isn't a place I can work at anymore. I honestly hope Best Buy continues to succeed.

One more thing... I'm working on a new photo-based tour after our east coast history vacation but I have a lot of pictures to go through and it'll take a decent amount of time to throw some text in there too. The three that are already available as ebooks are soon going to be available as paperbacks if anyone wants to purchase them that way. I'll update everyone who wants to know as soon as everything is available.

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