Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mission Accomplished: Amazon Caves

We did it. The Mormon Theocracy is free on Amazon now. They broke their own rule so that Randy and his friends would leave them alone. I feel kind of like a bully right now. A bully who beat up a chubby kid who had an infinite supply of chocolate bars. That's what this feels like. Anyways... thanks. I really appreciate it that a few of you went and harassed Amazon with me every few hours. I know that's why they caved... because I've been harassing them by myself for a long time with no result. So thanks everyone.

The Mormon Theocracy went free some time in the afternoon yesterday. It immediately hit #1 in its sub-category and its on several Free Top 100 lists. It has had over 100 downloads so far. I'm pretty happy about the way this all turned out.

The main point of this whole thing was to see if I had an option available to me. Having short stories and articles as permanent freebies definitely changes marketing strategy. I have plans to write a free Jehovah and Hades short so its nice to know that I can. All that being said, feel free to grab The Mormon Theocracy for free here.

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