Friday, November 18, 2011

Jehovah and Hades: Chapter 4 Complete

Yes, I have finally completed Chapter 4 of Jehovah and Hades. I won't be posting a preview here. I'm eventually going to put the book up for sale on the Kindle so I can't give away the whole story here on my blog. :-P

Other than that, I just have one thought for the coming weeks. Be nice to the retail employees on Black Friday. Realize that most of them are working (in the case of Best Buy starting at midnight) for ridiculously long hours and everyone in the store is going to act like a jerk. They were also taken away from their families early on Thanksgiving to go to a store and serve pushy people who want to buy products that generally have no margin. Also realize that if you threaten to not buy something, they could literally yell back into the line, "Who wants this?" and have twenty people respond. Your couple hundred dollars with an overall five dollars of margin isn't worth it.

I also hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving and pleasant holiday season.

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